How to choose a Mac Laptop? Apple has always been the most expensive choice in the market for its products. Sometimes it can get confusing about which laptop to buy. We can help you pick a MacBook according to your liking and get closer to your budget. 

In 2020, Apple announced its first Mac with a silicon processor chip, replacing the old Intel chips it had used since 2006. This marked a new era for Apple computers. The new MacBook, which marked the start of this new era, is the MacBook Air M1. 

MacBook Air M2 (13-inch)

Mac Laptop

Let’s start with the latest MacBook air. This might be your pick if you need a lightweight laptop that is easy to carry. 

It comes in two colors, Midnight and Starlight. Its bigger and brighter display also has a 1080p webcam and a solid battery life. Need more? Well, it provides you with good everyday performance and a MagSafe connector. In addition to that, it has canceled the old wedge design and replaced it with a lighter one. The screen also gives you a broader view. The speakers are no longer on the sides of the keyboard; instead, they are now in between the screen and the keyboard. The audio still sounds fantastic, but it can be muffled at times. 

Mac Laptop

While this laptop has its pros, it does have a few cons. The new MacBook Air only has two USB-C ports, a 3.5-mm headphone jack, and a MagSafe port for charging. (No HDMI or SD card slot. If you are only to use this for emails, browsing, and simple work or everyday tasks, then you need more ports. However, it can still only connect to one external monitor, which could be better if you want the benefits of a multi-screen setup. It has a fair enough battery life but when working outdoors, where you need more screen brightness, the battery may only last for a short time.

Keeping all the features aside, there are better options than this as its price range is sure to terrify most who can not afford it. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend getting the MacBook Air M1. Besides these few cons, The MacBook Air M2 is a good choice. 

MacBook Air M1 (2020)

For a more affordable option, we’d recommend the MacBook Air M1. So far, this is the only laptop with M1 that starts at $999.  

Mac Laptop

Its most favorable features include its heavenly battery life, light and slim design, silence, and good overall performance. On top of that, it has a good display, excellent speakers and microphone quality, and a fantastic keyboard. And we must remember the two USB ports. 

However, this machine comes with its cons as well. It does not provide you with a sharp image, unlike M2, as discussed in the section above. As good as its display is, the webcam still needs more work as it is still on 720p.

Mac Laptop

Another con is the need for more ports. It comes with two USB ports, but it still lacks ports. 

One of its best upgrades was battery life and instant wake-up. The laptop is ready as soon as you wake it from sleep. Another perk of M1 is that you can run iPad and iPhone apps on this laptop. This is because of the similarly designed chips used in iOS and iPadOS. Ignoring the few disadvantages of this device, it is still a whole package at $999.

If you require a machine with a longer battery life, better performance, and all that on a friendlier budget, then this machine is for you. Despite a few limitations, this device is perfect for everyday use and multiprocessing. 

Apple MacBook Pro M2 max (16-inch)

One of the best-rated MacBooks is the M2 Max. Apple describes it as the world’s best pro notebook. It is designed for all purposes and comes with some crazy features.

Right off the bat, we have battery life. The device can be called the Power Monster because of its 22-hour-long battery life. This is one of the best options for people hungry for battery power, as it can go for longer than a day without needing to be plugged in. On top of that, it comes with a bigger body which means a wider screen and more room for multi-screens. But this does not mean it weighs more too. It is still light and easy to carry. Lightweight and longer battery life is perfect for people who travel and work. Mac Laptop

Then comes the fantastic keyboard and trackpad. Both have been improved and made better for a better experience. It also has class speakers and a display. The bigger screen indeed does more than just a more expansive view. It gives you a better display too. The speakers are phenomenal as they provide you with clear audio. Along with that, it also gives you a solid microphone that guarantees clear voice recordings. 

One of the biggest concerns in the previous MacBooks was the webcam quality. M1, despite all its unique features, still needed a better webcam. However, the M2 Max has an incredible webcam with a similar resolution of 720p, but it gives you an advanced image signal processor with computational video and a Facetime HD camera. This is better, but M2 Air still has the best webcam out of all the MacBooks. 

Despite all this, we come down to the disadvantages. Firstly it still has no Face ID, which has been a problem in almost all Macs. Other than that, the phenomenal design has some flaws too. The notebook has sharp edges, which are mostly discouraged. However, this can also be a personal preference. 

Now the biggest con one could face here is the high price range. The notebook starts from $2000. Not everyone can afford this. However, this is a perfect option if you can stomach this amount. 

If you travel a lot and have to work along with it, then this might b the best option for you, keeping in mind the price range though, it might be a difficult choice for some. But for those who can afford it, this is a whole deal of good features, not to forget the amazing battery life. 

MacBooks to avoid 


One of the most significant issues with Macs is the need for more ports. Besides the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, the rest of Apple’s MacBooks feature one port type, USB-C. For these Macs, you might need a few adaptors if you want to connect your device to a projector. However, this only works for some devices. 

Butterfly keyboards

Apple’s notorious butterfly keyboards were a real headache. Even though the company has stopped making these on their Macs, you may still stumble upon one while shopping for an older Mac. But Apple does change the keyboard for free and gives detailed instructions on how to clean the old one. Apple also extended its keyboard repair program to cover repairs on all Macs purchased between 2015 and 2019, regardless of warranty status. However, if you get it cheap, we recommend getting a new one with a magic keyboard. 

Mac Laptop

How to pick the right Mac

Start by skimming through options and listing the best matching options to your requirements. Then narrow down the list to the ones that catch your eye. Keep in mind the purpose of your purchase and the features you require. Remember your budget and buy the one that fits it. 

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