A Motherboard is a printed circuit panel that contains the principal components of a computer or other device, having connectors for other circuit boards to be slotted into. It is like a backbone that ties all the computer components together, allowing them to interact with each other. 

A motherboard works as the foundation of your PC. Choosing the correct motherboard is more important than you think. It is necessary to build a high-performance computer that will work best for all your needs without problems. With millions of options available on the market, finding the motherboard that best suits your needs can be challenging. 

Fear not, as in this blog, we will discuss the world’s top 10 leading motherboard manufacturers, out of which you can choose the best motherboard brand that fits your needs. 

Top 10 Leading Motherboard Manufacturers in the World


Ranking number 1 on the list of top motherboards is ASUS, a Taiwanese multinational computer and phone hardware company. Some of the leading products produced by ASUS are desktops, motherboards, tablets, PC storage, graphics cards, servers, workstations, WiFi routers, peripherals, etc. As for motherboards, Asus has the most famous ones, which are well-known for their high performance and design.

Asus motherboards are by far the best option if you want a motherboard with high-end performance and good RGB software. Asus motherboards provide value for money without excessive overload.  

The only problem you may face with Asus motherboards is the high price range. They are rather expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Other than the unreachable price range, Asus motherboards are very well-reputed and live up to the name of the best motherboard brand. 

Famous Asus Motherboards 

Some of the most famous Asus motherboards are

  • ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E
  • Asus ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming
  • ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero
  •  Asus ROG Crosshair X670E Hero
  • ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS 
  • Asus B550 ROG Strix B550-F Gaming


Micro-star International is a Taiwan-based multinational information technology corporation based in Taipei, Taiwan, founded in 1986. The main products of MSI include motherboards, graphic cards, servers, industrial computers, PC peripherals, laptops, and many more. 

MSI is known for the variety of products it launches. All products range from top to bottom in the price range, making MSI have something for everyone. With that being said, it has motherboards of all price ranges and of all kinds. 

MSI motherboards are well known for being high quality and outstanding stability, even for overclocking. In addition, MSI motherboards are known for having amazing power designs with solid and heavy heatsinks.

However, all these features may not be available on lower-range motherboards. So you might want to buy motherboards from the higher range. Similar to Asus motherboards, MSI motherboards, which are in the high price range, maybe too pricey. As much as it is recommended to buy the high price range motherboards, it is also considered that those would not be budget-friendly. The high price range for the best motherboards is the only disadvantage of MSI. Otherwise, MSI is also ranked on the list of the best motherboard brands. 

Famous MSI Motherboards 

These MSI motherboards are ranked from the highest to lowest price ranges 

  • MSI MPG Z690 Carbon
  • MSI MEG Z790 Ace
  • MSI MEG Z790 Ace
  • MSI Pro B650-P
  • MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon
  • MSI MPG B650I Edge

AS Rock 

ASRock is a Taiwan-based company that is known for the development of motherboards and industrial PCs. Current production of ASRock includes motherboards, workstations, and servers. ASRock has distributions in more than 90 countries, making it the world’s 3rd largest motherboard manufacturer. 

ASRock is known for its strong performance, great value, and for being light on the budget. Most ASRock motherboards are affordable. In addition, ASRock also provides quick BIOS updates and is quite reliable. 

The only downside of ASRock motherboards is the terrible RGB software. The software is considered disappointing regarding its powerful performance and other features. However, other than this, ASRock motherboards are considered one of the best motherboards. 

Famous ASRock motherboards 

Some of the most famous ASRock motherboards are 

  • ASRock Z790 Taichi
  • ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X 
  • ASRock Z790 LiveMixer
  • ASRock WRX80 Creator
  • ASRock B650E Steel Legend WiFi
  • ASRock B650E PG-ITX

Gigabyte Technology

Gigabyte Technology is also a Taiwan-based company that manufactures computer hardware. Some of the most well-known hardware by gigabyte technology are motherboards, laptops, personal digital assistants, keyboards, server racks, graphic cards, and more. 

Gigabyte technology motherboards are some of the most well-known and reputable motherboards in the market. Their motherboards only provide quality performance and are rich with positive reviews. One plus point of gigabyte motherboards is how they keep introducing new features for their motherboards, such as RGB lighting and cooling support. On top of that, they have a wide range of motherboards for all kinds of users, including high-end to low-end motherboards and workstation motherboards. 

Gigabyte motherboards have lived up to their name by being one of the most famous motherboards and by ranking on the list of the best motherboard brands. Gigabyte motherboards are durable and have excellent performance, making them suitable for gaming and high-load work. 

As for the price, Gigabyte motherboards are not too expensive. However, the higher and better motherboards can be harsh on budget. Otherwise, Gigabyte motherboards are one of the best options for a motherboard. 

Famous Gigabyte motherboards 

Some of the most famous gigabyte motherboards are

  • Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Master
  • Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Ultra
  • Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Elite AX
  • Gigabyte B650I Aorus Ultra
  • Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Master


Another Taiwanese company, Biostar, based in Taipei, is on the list of the best motherboard brands. Biostar produces video cards’ GPU and memory. It is well known for making motherboards and gaming motherboards, industrial computing systems, SSD, graphics cards, healthcare solutions, and motor start batteries. 

Biostar has made its name in the leading motherboard list by having affordable and decent-performance motherboards. Biostar motherboards are known to have great speed and efficiency. These might not be the best motherboards out there, but they are perfect for low-end computers used for activities such as gaming, daily browsing, and video editing. 

Biostar motherboards are mainly for low-end computers and can be used as a replacement for many computers that are only used for light activities. So, these can also be called budget motherboards. 

If you are looking for motherboards for heavy work then these motherboards are not for you. Biostar does not make any premium motherboards so it is not advised to buy them if you have a high-end computer. However, if you’re looking for a budget motherboard for low-end computer activities then these are for you. 

Famous Biostar motherboards 

Top Biostar motherboards, according to Biostar itself, are

  • Z790A-SILVER. Intel Z790
  • B760T-SILVER. Intel B760
  • B760M-SILVER. Intel B760
  • B760A-SILVER. Intel B760
  • B760MX2-E PRO D4. Intel B760
  • B760MXC PRO 2.0. Intel B760
  • B760MXC PRO. Intel B760
  • B760NH-E. Intel B760


The first American Multinational corporation on the list, Intel, is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, in Silicon Valley. Intel is considered one of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world. 

Intel is known for developing microprocessors which are used in most of the world’s personal computers. Intel chips are known as the most complex devices. Intel motherboards are also known as the best motherboard brand. Other than motherboards, intel is famous for many of its other manufactures such as flash memory, motherboard chipsets, graphic cards and many more. 

Intel’s motherboards are the best worldwide but are very expensive making them hard to reach for many. However, considering its popularity and features, it is worth every penny spent on it. 

Famous Intel motherboards 

Some of the latest and most popular Intel motherboards are

  • MSI MPG Z790 Edge WiFi
  • ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero
  • EVGA Z790 
  • ASRock Z790 PG-ITX
  • ASUS ROG Strix Z790-E 
  • EVGA Z790 DARK


The Hewlett-Packard Company is an American information technology company headquartered in California. HP is most commonly known for developing personal computers, and for printing solutions along with technology products and software. 

HP does produce good motherboards which can work for high-end computers but more damage has been reported in HP motherboards. However, Hp does provide a 12-month warranty on their motherboards. HP motherboards are also not too expensive and are affordable for many, but are not too great in the long run. Overall, HP motherboards are a good buy, which is why they are included in the list of the best motherboard brands. 

Famous HP motherboards 

  • HP 586968-001 
  • HP P7-1100 Hibiscus AMD Desktop
  • HP Omen Oassi OC RKL-S Z590 30L
  • HP Compaq Elite 8200 Slim SFF


The second American company on the list, Dell, is one of the largest tech companies in the world, headquartered in Round Rock, texas. Dell is known for manufacturing motherboards, network servers, data storage solutions, and more. 

Dell motherboards are especially good and are known for being able to last for 20 years or more. Dell motherboards are known for having many features which outrun some of the famous motherboard brands such as HP. Even for its low-end motherboards, Dell is known for providing excellent performance. So, it is not a question of why Dell ranks as one of the best motherboard brands. 

No specific downsides can be seen in Dell motherboards other than high price range for the high-end motherboards, which is not likely as many of its high-end motherboards are not too expensive. 

Famous Dell motherboards 

Some of the most famous Dell motherboards are 

  • Dell Studio XPS 8900 
  • Dell Latitude E5470
  • Dell Inspiron 3650 Intel H110 Chipset
  • Dell OptiPlex 9010 
  • Dell Optiplex 9020 MT Mini Tower 4
  • NW73C Dell Studio XPS 8500 


Another Taiwanese company, Acer, is not lagging behind on the list of the best motherboard brands. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Taipei, Acer has made its name in the industry with its leading devices including motherboards, laptops, computers, and other electronic devices. 

Acer motherboards are very impressive regarding their considerable speed and quality performance. Acer motherboards are built with a hundred percent testing steps and are trustworthy. They perform well for high-end computers and do well in overclocking. 

The only con would be the lack of slots, which shouldn’t be something to worry about too much as its other features make up for it. Other than that Acer motherboards are not too expensive but still have many impressive features. Considering all these perks, it is only fair if Acer motherboards are part of the best motherboard brands list. 

Famous Acer motherboards 

Some of the most well-known Acer motherboards are 

  • Acer Predator G3610
  • Acer Predator G3620
  • Acer E946GZ
  • Acer MCP73T-AD
  • Acer M5100
  • Acer F672CR


Another American company, IBM, headquartered in New York, is making its way in the motherboard industry with its spectacular devices. IBM is well-known for its hardware, computer and networking equipment. 

IBM motherboards are good enough to lead your PC, however, they lack in a few aspects. Other than that, IBM has proven itself by creating different motherboards for different needs. So, considering your needs you can pick the motherboard which best suits you. 

IBM motherboards are not expensive compared to the other brands mentioned in this blog. IBM manufactures different motherboards at different prices so you can always pick the right one for yourself. 

Famous Acer motherboards 

The most popular IBM motherboards with high compatibility and gaming are 

  •  IBM Netvista 25090 
  •  IBM Genuine ThinkCentre M81
  • IBM Planar System Board Dual E5-2600 


Regardless of which motherboard is the best, you must opt for the one which best suits your needs. If you are looking for a motherboard for a high-end computer then Asus, MSI, and gigabyte technology are recommended, but that is if you can afford them. For a cheaper but high-quality option, IBM, Dell, and Biostar are recommended. Likewise, HP, Intel, and ASRock are very good options for high-end and low-end computers. 

The perfect way to pick the right motherboard is by sorting out your priority needs and your budget. This way you will find the right motherboard in your set budget. 

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