Custom Built Gaming PCs: Tailored to Your Needs

Here at ASA Computer Repairs, we’re happy to cater to any and all of your computer-related needs. In order to ensure that your system matches your specific needs, our experts will work with you to customise its setup.

Because everyone has different needs when it comes to their custom built gaming computers, we provide custom solutions. No matter what kind of computer you need—a basic home system or a high-powered gaming rig—our experts can help you create it.

Pre-built – Custom Gaming Services

A gaming PC is a personal computer that has been customised with gaming characteristics in mind, such as a large screen and a fast processor. As the gaming industry has expanded, so has the need for powerful gaming computers. ASA Computer Repairs offers both pre-built and custom gaming PCs since we know that every gamer has specific needs.

All of the hardware in our pre-built gaming PCs is of the highest quality and is designed to provide you the best possible gaming experience in each respective genre. These pre-built gaming computers are customizable to meet the needs of gamers of varying experience and budget levels with the addition or replacement of storage, Memory, and graphics cards. If you run into any trouble while playing, you may take use of their warranty and customer service centre.

Our bespoke gaming PCs are built to last and can be upgraded in the future, which is great if you’re a forward-thinking gamer who values cutting-edge technology.

    Essential Breakdown of a Gaming Rig

    The Case: The aesthetically pleasing housing that houses all your PC components. NZXT cases have channels for clean cable management and easy build. It also serves as an electrical ground for your components.

    The Motherboard: Motherboards are the translator that allows all your components to communicate with each other. It distributes power from the PSU to the other components.

    The CPU: CPUs are the brain that processes all the tasks you give them. It delegates tasks to various components for execution.

    The RAM: The desk space that determines how many tasks can be processed efficiently at once. RAMs pull data from applications in use, acting as short-term memory.

    The SSD: The garage where you store your stuff. Solid State Drives are a fast and efficient way to access games, apps, files, and more on your gaming computer.

    The PSU: The engine that pulls, conditions, and sends power to your components. It converts the high voltage AC power from your wall outlet to manageable DC output and regulates it according to the power needs of your gaming PC.

    The Air Cooler: The AC unit that keeps your PC cool. It houses the heat given off by your CPU when it is under load.

    The AIO Cooler: The refrigerator that keeps your CPU running cool. It uses a preassembled pump and radiator combination to transfer the heat from your CPU to a liquid that is then moved to the radiator to be cooled.

    The GPUGraphic Cards are the turbocharger that makes your computer tear through heavy visual loads. It processes all the visual data of a game or application.

    The Wi-Fi: The communications relay that allows you to access your home Wi-Fi network wirelessly.

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    Our Process

    Step 1: Finalise Your Budget

    First, set a budget and choose if you should go with an AMD or Intel processor. One might say that the chipset is the brain of the gaming PC, as it controls and organises the functioning of the rest of the system.

    Step 2: Choose Your Parts & Peripherals

    The next step is to select hardware that meets the performance needs of your system while also satisfying your personal aesthetic tastes. A gaming computer can’t function without its motherboard, processor, graphics card, RAM, and hard drive. The optimal arrangement of the keyboard, mouse, and monitor may significantly improve your gaming experience.

    Step 3: Go on with the Assembly Process

    You should now be able to build a gaming computer from scratch. Please take your time and study the guidelines thoroughly; this is a difficult section of the exam. Verify that everything is in its rightful place and that all connections are safe.

    Step 4: Installation of Software and Device Drivers

    When the hardware is constructed, it’s time to install software and load the system with the appropriate applications and drivers. If you want your computer to function correctly, you must follow the instructions and install necessary drivers.

    Step 5: Test Vigorously

    After you think you’re ready to go, you should do a full test to make sure everything is working as it should. Before putting into operation your custom-built computer, you must put it through rigorous testing.

    Step 6: Enjoy Your Rig!

    Now that you have customised your gaming computer to your liking, it is time to start using it. You will have a unique and personalised experience, whether you utilise it for work, entertainment, or other purposes.

    Why Choose ASA for Gaming PC Needs?

    Always On-the-go

    Being a gaming PC customization service, we understand how important it is to deliver a computer that is both fully functional and ready to play. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or just getting started, we want you to be able to jump right in and start having fun with our system.

    Exceptional Gaming Experience

    We have a system that works flawlessly at the new standard for video game resolution, 2560 x 1440. To ensure your system lasts for years to come and serves you reliably, we only use the best components on the market.

    4K Gameplay

    We can make it possible for you to enjoy your games in glorious 4K quality. If you want to get the most out of your gaming experience, you should have our team of skilled builders construct a unique 4K gaming system that is optimised for your specific needs in terms of performance and lifespan.

    Competitive Results

    To offer you an edge over the competition, we will assist you in extracting every possible frame per second from your hardware. Our professional programmers will set you up for success, giving you a real shot at winning it all.

    Customized for You

    We understand that every gamer has unique needs and requirements, which is why we offer a personalized service where you can specify what you want, and we will build it. Whether you are looking for a 4K gaming rig or a 240FPS competitive gaming system, our team of expert computer builders can create a PC that meets your specific needs. 

    Transparent Pricing

    We offer transparent pricing for our gaming PCs by providing a clear breakdown of all costs associated with the components.

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    Valda Davison
    Valda Davison
    Excellent service, took my very slow desktop away for replacement parts, brought it back very updated and working very fast. Thank you, quoted before it was taken away so I knew and understood exactly just what it would cost.
    Marcel Berthon
    Marcel Berthon
    Great service from Sohail, fixed all my problems at an excellent price!
    Kieran Fallon
    Kieran Fallon
    Excellent service. Rapid diagnosis. Good communication and flexibility about pickup. Very good value. Highly recommended
    Maria Zeng
    Maria Zeng
    Sohail is very efficient and patient, gives solid advice and explained his approach to computer issues. I am a repeat customer since 2017 and highly recommend ASA Computer Repairs for methodical and efficient service. Sohail had also previously diagnosed why my computer failed to operate and repaired and installed a Solid State Drive on my existing computer. Pleased that he is operating his own computer repair business solely now.
    Patrick Armstrong
    Patrick Armstrong
    Swift response, good repair, and saved me $250 compared to the official repairer's quote - I can not recommend highly enough
    Allonso Allonsy
    Allonso Allonsy
    Thank you so much as always for speedy, professional, and kind service- it is great to have someone you know you can rely on for computer repairs.
    Sohail was brilliant in getting my son's gaming computer back up running after a malware attack. I would definitely recommend Sohail for anyone needing help with their computer. Very happy with service and price. Thank you.
    Adeel Afridi
    Adeel Afridi
    Wonderful service, fixed my screen on time and even installed a better screen than the original
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    Ted Freeman
    Incredibly prompt service. Very professional. Would highly recommend.