Why my computer has a black/blank screen?

Why my computer has a black/blank screen?
There are several reasons that why your computer screen got a black/blank screen.
  • If it is a laptop your laptop screen might need a replacement.
  • The brightness of the screen is too low to see.
  • If it is a desktop computer check the display cable is properly plugged in.
  • It can be an issue with the graphics card.
  • It can be due to the issue with the memory

If none of these solutions work, you may need to seek professional help to diagnose and fix the issue. Give us a call today to organise a time.

How much does IT usually cost to fix a computer?

The cost of fixing a computer varies depending on the type of issue and the location of the repair. In general, computer repair costs can range from around $120 to $150 per hour.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a PC?

The answer to this question varies as per individual computer.
  • If the age of your computer is less than 3 years and you originally purchased it for over $1000 then it is certainly worth it.
  • If speed is the issue then 90% of the time it can be repaired within a budget.
  • If the laptop’s age is more than 5 years then it is usually a good idea to replace the computer instead of repairing

If you are unsure, please give us a call today for an individual advice.

How do I choose a computer repair company?

Choosing a computer repair company can be a daunting task, but there are a few factors that can help you make an informed decision: Reputation: Look for a company with a good reputation in the community. You can check online reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends or family. Experience and Certifications: Check the company’s experience and industry certifications.

By considering these factors, you can find a reputable computer repair company that meets your needs and provides quality service.

  • Ratings or Reviews: You can perform a quick google search to find out the top-rated repair shops in your area. ASA Computer repair got 4.9-star rating which is one of the best ratings in Canberra.
  • Quality and Warranty: The quality of the components used and the repair warranty is very important to make your decision to choose a good repair shop.
  • Local Business: Choosing a local business is a much better option than the interstate. ASA Computer Repair is locally owned and operated.

What company makes the most reliable computers?

Several prominent computer brands are recognized for creating dependable computers. Here are some of the most distinguished ones:

Apple: Apple is renowned for creating top-quality, dependable computers. Their Macbooks and iMacs are favored by both creative professionals and students. Lenovo: Lenovo is a sought-after choice for business users and individuals who desire a dependable computer at a reasonable cost. They provide a broad selection of laptops and desktops, featuring the well-liked ThinkPad series. Dell: Dell is another reputable computer maker that creates trustworthy laptops and desktops. Their products are favored by both consumers and business users. HP: HP is a popular option for individuals and businesses seeking a dependable computer. They provide a vast array of laptops and desktops, including the well-known Spectre and Elitebook series. ASUS: ASUS is a favored manufacturer of gaming laptops and desktops, but they also create dependable mainstream laptops and desktops. Their products are recognized for their sturdiness and performance.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that no computer maker is entirely flawless, and all computers may encounter problems. Nevertheless, these manufacturers are generally seen as producing reliable computers worth considering.