The battery is an integral part of a laptop, making it usable anywhere. The backup time the battery provides depends upon various factors.

  • Screen Brightness
    Screen brightness plays an important role in how much backup time you get out of every recharge. Brightness and battery backup time are directly correlated. Most modern laptops change screen brightness automatically. This is achieved through the photosensitivity of the internet webcam. You can easily control the brightness using Windows’ built-in brightness control feature.
  • Processing
    A high-power CPU is usually power-hungry. It can consume a lot of battery juice and end up with reduced battery backup time. If you use an app that utilizes a lot of your computer processing, your battery will drain quickly and will require frequent recharges. For example, if you own a Dell Alienware laptop and use it primarily for gaming, you will end up with reduced battery backup time. As per our experience, a customer who just got an Alienware battery replaced usually asks why they are still not getting long battery backups. The answer is simple: first, it is Alienware, which by default is power-hungry, and secondly, it is used for gaming. The expected backup time from a new battery will depend upon the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Battery quality
    The quality of a replacement battery is an extremely important factor. Battery quality decides the battery backup time and how long your battery will last before another replacement is required. A quality battery has quality cells. The three main manufacturers of laptop battery cells are Samsung, LG, and Sanyo. It is extremely hard to figure out the type of internet battery cells as these are covered with a protective jacket. Removing this protective jacket can be dangerous and can also void the warranty. To be on the safe side, batteries should only be purchased from well-reputed suppliers to ensure quality.
    We at ASA use only quality batteries, sourced from well-reputed, authorized suppliers. The ratio of battery failure sourced from a quality supplier is negligible. It not only saves you from the hassle of replacing the battery after a short period but also eliminates the risk of causing damage to your precious device.
  • Environment
    Battery life and performance also rely on the environment. If the device is used in extreme heat or humid conditions, this may also affect the life of the battery. Environmental factors can reduce the overall battery life and the battery needs to be replaced more often. Battery lasts long in cold and controlled environments.
  • Laptop Type
    The type of laptop also plays an important factor in deciding the battery backup time. Battery backup time is low for a heavy gaming laptop as compared to a lighter business laptop. For example, the battery of a Lenovo Thinkpad series business laptop lasts much longer than a Dell Alienware gaming laptop. This is due to the heavy processing required by power-hungry high-performance CPU and larger cooling fans. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the build of the laptop, the lesser the battery backup time.

    Even the best-quality battery starts to deteriorate after a certain number of power cycles. Backup time reduces to almost half in a couple of years, and the battery dies completely in 3-4 years. If an expired battery is not replaced, it may start to swell and won’t be able to provide any further backup time.
    A quality battery is hard to find these days. If you search over the internet, you will find a huge variation of cost, brands, and suppliers. Due to lack of experience, this search will leave you confused and undecided. The main reason for this confusion is that there are a lot of sub-standard battery manufacturers who produce low-cost and low-quality batteries. These battery types don’t last long and usually die within six months or a maximum of 1 year time, soon after the warranty expires. Once the battery starts having issues, you may get stuck in an endless loop of battery swaps or supplier swaps. This is highly inconvenient, especially if it is a work laptop and you are relying heavily on it for your daily tasks.


    A quality battery is one that has quality cells. There are 3 major battery cell manufacturers: Samsung, LG, and Sanyo. Quality batteries are slightly more expensive but last much longer without the risk of damaging the charging circuit. Low-quality batteries are cheaper and can cause serious damage to the laptop.

    We use a high-quality battery which is a little more expensive than the non-genuine batteries but saves from a lot of hassle or permanent damage to your laptop.

    At ASA we use only quality batteries and also provide battery installation service. Please call today along with the serial number to get a quick quote.

    We provide laptop battery replacement services for the following brands. Please click the brand to find a serial number.
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    Some of the Brands we Deal in:


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