Get to know about the ASA Computer Repairs

Hello and welcome. ASA Computer Repairs is a Canberra-based business specialized in the repairs of computers of all brands. We service Canberra and other surrounding areas by providing expert technical support for all kinds of computer repair problems.

We handle all software and hardware related issues. Our services include virus removal, data recovery, operating system repair and installation, and internet/WiFi installation. Our hardware upgrade service includes but not limited to replacement of low capacity hard drives with better performing hard drives, upgrade of the graphics cards, replacement of faulty power supplies, increasing the RAM of laptops/desktops, building a custom computer to suit your needs and replacement of noisy CPU/GPU cooling fans.

At ASA Computer Repairs, we have realized that one of the most common problems users of computer experience is associated with screens, so we are specially skilled in the replacement and repair of faulty computer screens. Chromebook repairs is also one of our specialty.

ASA Computer Repairs employs only the best technicians because we believe in the best. Our technicians are Microsoft and CompTIA A+ce Certified. We are also very reasonable with our billing and also provide “No Fix, No Pay” policy which ensures you are always protected.

Our services are customer-oriented. We understand that computer downtime is not an option for most of our valued clients that’s why we also provide onsite repair service.

At ASA we are innovative, creative and passionate about what we do and rest assured that you’d get the best every time.

Pay us a visit today, and you’d be glad you did.