Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi are important features of a laptop/desktop as they help in the creation of a connection between your laptop and network provider, connecting you with information from across the world at the comfort of your living room. Wi-Fi is the common name for wireless networking, which is a way of getting broadband internet without wires. ASA computer repairs provide services on internet/ Wi-Fi installation on new and old laptops, upgrade already existing internet/Wi-Fi installations.

There are a number of Computer fixing services in Canberra and ASA Computer repairs trumps the lot of them. We assess your laptop’s connectivity and bring it up to date with the most reliable internet installations. We have well-trained staff who can fix wired and wireless network issues affecting your laptop/desktop. We also repair faulty internet, resolve email issues and setup ADSL, ADSL2 and all DSL type connections.

When setting up a wireless network system it’s important you take necessary steps to secure the wireless network from external threats, and we help do that. We also configure new modems, routers and switches thereby enhancing your browsing experience and improving the range of your wireless network. Also, we install wireless printers and other network devices and our experienced staffs can setup a range of 3/4G wireless devices, from Telstra, Optus and to Vodafone.

Are you a small or large company and you are looking for the best way to network your business’s offices to the internet or confused on how to network your homes? Search no further as we at Asa computer repairs are the best Canberra home network service providers and will ensure that your needs are adequately attended to.

You may still be wondering if a Wi-Fi is necessary. Well, a Wi-Fi enables you to network your homes, offices, airports and many other public buildings. With a Wi-Fi, you can connect several computers at once and at anywhere in the house, even as far as the garden. Also, with Wi-Fi’s, you don’t need to install extra phone lines or cables as they work without wire connections, making it much easier to surf the net with comfort and relaxation.

To use Wi-Fi, you will need certain equipment such as a wireless transmitter, also known as a wireless Access Point (WAP) and a Wi-Fi adapter on every computer that will use Wi-Fi and this can be proficiently installed in your house or office. We have all these equipment’s at Asa computer repairs ready for installation.