We are one of the local resellers supplying computer parts in Canberra.

ASA Computer Repairs stocks a variety of computer parts in Canberra to cater to the needs of Local customers who are building or upgrading their computers. Here are some usual components you can buy from us.

Central Processing Units (CPUs): We stock a variety of processors from manufacturers such as Intel and AMD, catering to different performance levels and budgets.

Motherboards: We stock a range of motherboards compatible with different CPUs and offering various features, such as expansion slots and input/output ports.

Memory (RAM): Various types and capacities of RAM modules, such as DDR4 and DDR5, to accommodate different system requirements.

Graphics Cards (GPUs): A selection of GPUs from manufacturers like NVIDIA and AMD, suitable for gaming, video editing, or other graphics-intensive tasks.

Storage Devices: A mix of hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), and hybrid drives (HDDs with SSD caches) in various capacities.

Power Supply Units (PSUs): Power supplies with different wattage ratings and form factors, catering to various system requirements and case sizes.

Computer Cases: A variety of computer cases in different sizes, designs, and materials, such as ATX, microATX, and mini-ITX.

Cooling Solutions: Air and liquid cooling options, including case fans, CPU coolers, and GPU coolers, to help maintain optimal temperatures.

Optical Drives: CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives for reading and writing data to optical media.

Peripherals: Keyboards, mice, monitors, speakers, headphones, and other input/output devices.

Networking Components: Network interface cards (NICs), routers, switches, and Wi-Fi adapters for wired and wireless connectivity.

Expansion Cards: Sound cards, USB expansion cards, and other add-on cards for enhancing the functionality of a computer.

Cables and Adapters: A variety of cables and adapters, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, SATA, and power cables, to connect components and peripherals.

Operating Systems: Retail versions of popular operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions.

Software: A range of software for various purposes, including productivity suites, antivirus programs, and graphics editing software.

Tools and Accessories: Items like screwdrivers, thermal paste, cable management supplies, and anti-static wrist straps for building or upgrading computers.

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