Custom-built vs. non-custom-built gaming PC – which computer is better? Which option will save you more money and have a longer life than the other? This guide will answer all your questions. 

Getting a new gaming laptop or pc is an exciting time for a gamer. However, it is essential to note what computer you want and consider its components. Now that is where the question arises, custom-built vs. non-custom-built gaming PC? Let’s discuss the two terms first. 

Custom-built vs. non-custom-built gaming PC

A non-custom-built computer or a pre-built laptop has already been assembled and entirely built by someone such as a manufacturer. They can be plugged in and used right away. 

However, a custom-built one is one you must assemble yourself. Everything about it is under your control. You can decide how to build it or have someone make it according to your specifications. 

Buying a non-custom-built computer has its advantages along with a few flaws. A custom-built notebook may be more cost-effective, but it also has its challenges. Now let’s check out the further aspects of each to get a better understanding.

Custom-built PC

Custom-built vs. non-custom-built gaming PC

One of the biggest obstacles to a custom-built pc is assembling it. However, you don’t have to build the PC yourself. Some shops do it for you. Even if you have little knowledge about creating one, the shops will advise on what parts to use. 

However, some people wish to build a computer themselves, which is entirely understandable. For that, you must have at least basic knowledge of computers. If you don’t know much about it, you can always watch a youtube tutorial. Various platforms provide information about computer parts you should use and how to fix them on your PC. 

Now let’s start with the assembling tools. First, you need a screwdriver. That is the most crucial tool. We recommend a small one as it would be the most convenient for small spaces in the PC. You may also need a box cutter and zip ties, but they are minor. 

Now follow a good YouTube tutorial and you should be good. 

Non-custom-built PC

Custom-built vs. non-custom-built gaming PC

If you want to do less work, a non-custom-built computer should be your pick. This is also safer as there won’t be any possible chances of you damaging the PC. 

You will have a ready-to-use device as soon as you buy it. Nothing additional to do other than buy it is pure joy for the non-custom-built PC user. 

However, remember that it cannot be customized according to your liking. All PC parts are set to the default setting, but you can always overlook them to your preference. 

Customizing a pre-built PC is an option, but it is risky and not advised. You might mess up some components and cause permanent damage. 

The best advantage of a pre-built computer is the price range. Buying computer components can sometimes be more expensive than the computer itself. Since all the parts are already fixed on the PC, you won’t have to buy them. This is another reason you should refrain from customizing a pre-built computer. 

In conclusion, a non-custom-built PC is not entirely riskless, but if you’re careful, you should be ok. 


Getting a custom-built PC is the best option for people who wish to have a personalized custom computer. This gives them the freedom to build a PC according to their taste. However, it is essential to have at least the basic ideas of how to make one. 

A non-custom-built PC is a safe choice for those who don’t want any more work than buying a laptop. This also comes at a lower price and is more convenient. 

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