We use our computers in our daily day-to-day life. We even eat while playing PC games. Food makes the keyboard unclean, and it also slows down its functionality. As for laptop keyboards, we let them accumulate dust when we take our laptops to the couch or the bed. 

4 ways to clean your keyboard,keyboard

Is your keyboard feeling filthy? Here are 4 ways to clean your keyboard safely. 

Brush it out

Special brushes have been designed to clean the nuisance called dirty keyboards. These come in cleaning kits and also separately. They are available in all shapes and sizes to sweep out the filth.

4 ways to clean your keyboard,keyboard

However, if you find buying a dedicated brush unnecessary, you can use an old toothbrush or any brush that may work. Once you have gotten your cleaning tool, run it over your keyboard through the keys, and there you have it, a clean keyboard.

Remember that this only works if the gunk isn’t stuck to the keys. If so, then you’ll need a stiffer bush. 

Flip it over

One of the easiest methods is to flip the keyboard upside down.

4 ways to clean your keyboard

Unplug the keyboard from the PC and turn it upside down. Tap the bottom, holding it at different angles. Most of the loose filth should come out. If you use a mechanical keyboard, take out its keycaps and shake it. Doing this should make it easier to get the tough stuff out. 

Now all you have left is to clean the table of all the dirt from the keyboard.

Cleaning gel

The cleaning gel is a slightly gross but effective keyboard cleaning method. This bright-colored blob is called a cleaning gel or cleaning gum.

4 ways to clean your keyboard,keyboard

It picks up the filth by entering the space between the keys and sucking the muck up. It is effective but can be disgusting as the blob becomes darker and dirtier the more you use it. However, you can use it as long as you want until it is so dirty that you can’t hold it anymore. 

The gel may leave behind an oily substance. Use a cotton swab or a cleaning sense to wipe it off. 

Compressed air

Canned air is one of the most crucial components for keyboard cleaning. You must put the long plastic nozzle in the space between the keys on your keyboard and blow. Please do not blow it directly, as it may leave bits of filth underneath your keys. Do take into caution the angle you blow. Keep some distance between your keyboard and the nozzle. 

4 ways to clean your keyboard,keyboard

Once you are done blowing, clean the keyboard and the surroundings. This may be an effective method, but this will cause all the filth to blow out all over your desk and the keyboard’s body. However, cleaning the keyboard now will be more manageable compared to earlier. So it is advised to do this outdoors. 

Removing the keycaps is also effective. Do that first, as it will make air blasting easier. 

4 ways to clean your keyboard


Keyboard cleaning is a challenging task, but you can pull it off with the proper guidance. We hope this guide was helpful and you will never have to deal with mucky keyboards again. For further advice, contact us