Chromecast is a streaming media adaptor that can be plugged into any television or monitor through an HDMI port. Through Chromecast, you can stream audio and video wirelessly from your phone, computer, or even a Google Home device.


It connects over wifi and can be controlled by another device, such as a phone. The premium version of Google Chromecast comes with a dedicated remote. 

Chromecast is a bridge between your TV and your device, such as your phone or computer. 

How it works

When a Cast-enabled receiver like Chromecast on the same WiFi network as your phone or computer is available, the app will show you a Cast icon. Tap that icon. You can now view your phone or computer’s content on your TV.

Since your Chromecast and casting device are connected to the same internet connection, casting is instant, and you won’t have to wait. 

Platforms supporting Chromecast

Some apps and platforms add compatibility, which makes it easier to connect. 

An example is YouTube. When you open your YouTube app, you’ll see a Chromecast button in the top right corner of your TV that is nearby and connected to Wi-Fi. 

What is Chromecast


Other platforms, such as Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, Disney+, and Prime Video, support the Chromecast option. 

Even if a platform does not support the Chromecast option, your screen can be mirrored and cast on your TV. 


Chromecast has multiple uses. Some of the most basic ones include streaming audio and video on your TV and mirroring anything, including pictures from Google Photos. 


Another distinctive feature is casting local media files through apps and playing Chromecast games with a phone or tablet. This comes in handy when playing multiplayer rounds with friends and having it cast for others to see.

You can also open apps without lifting a finger. Use the voice control feature. Just say what you want to watch, and it will pull up precisely that. 

Who it’s for

The primary purpose of Chromecast is to bring attractive features to users without a smart TV. 

Most of the smart TVs are preinstalled with all streaming apps now. 

However, you can hook it to your computer monitor or external display and turn it into a smart TV.

Which Chromecast to buy

Now pick which one is suitable for you. One is Google Chromecast for $29.99, while the other is a 4K HDR-ready Chromecast with Google TV for $49.99.

However, if you require a second-hand market, consider the Chromecast Ultra. It allows you to stream in 4K and HDR, but Google stopped selling this model after the release of Chromecast with Google TV. 

The regular Chromecast is smaller and can only stream 1080p content. With an extra $20, you can upgrade to Chromecast with Google TV, which has a remote and operating system.

However, before buying Chromecast, check out the TVs such as TCL, Sony, etc., as they have built-in Chromecast features.


Now it is time to decide on a Chromecast or a TV with a built-in Chromecast. 

Chromecast is a great device that will undoubtedly benefit you; however, keep in mind all your other options. Chromecast can turn your TV into a smart one, but you can always buy one. 

Pick a device that fits your needs and budget. 

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