The hinges are the most crucial part of a laptop. All advantages of a computer depend upon a working hinge. How do laptop hinges break, and how do you repair them? A broken laptop hinge can be more troublesome than you might think. However, if you know what causes such damage, you can prevent it. 

Common reasons for broken laptop hinges 

There can be multiple reasons that cause the laptop hinge to break. Some of the most common reasons are discussed below.

Exceeding the limit

One of the most common reasons can be exceeding the hinge limit. Some people often tend to open their laptops wider than usual which causes the hinges to loosen. 

This is usually caused because the laptop screen has to be at a certain angle for the user to view the full screen. This causes the user to adjust the screen at specific angles, which may be the cause of hinge damage. 

This problem can be fixed by fixing your sitting position. However, some people who use laptops for their portability can keep their sitting position the same. 

So, these people stick to pushing their laptop screens further, exerting more pressure on the hinges. This not only causes the hinges to break but also causes permanent damage to the screen. 

Closing the laptop improperly

It is a widespread habit among some laptop users to slam their laptops shut. As satisfying as it might be, you should only do it if you want your computer to avoid permanent damage.

How do laptop hinges break and how to repair them

This usually causes broken hinges but can also lead to a broken screen. You should consider yourself lucky if you only get broken hinges that will be only if it hits the screen’s bezels. However, if it’s between your keyboard, you will have to deal with a broken screen and a list of other issues. 

Improper Laptop handling 

Another common way for people to hold their laptops is from the top. Nothing is wrong with that as the hinges are not as fragile to break by a person exerting Pressure on it by hand, but if too much weight is put on it, the hinges will suffer from too much pressure. 

So it is advisable to hold your laptop from either side. 

Too much Pressure

Putting your laptop in your bag with your books may also cause too much pressure on the hinges. There is a gap between your screen and keyboard on which too much pressure can cause broken hinges or, worse, a broken screen. 

As strong as the laptop hinges, it may only be a matter of time until they snap. It is advised to keep the weight off of your laptop. The same happens if you put too much weight on your computer while on a table. 

Improper opening 

Opening the laptop improperly is one of the most common causes of broken hinges. 

Modern laptops have two hinges, creating more balance than just one long hinge. This also gives the hinges a longer lifespan. 

How do laptop hinges break and how to repair them

However, no matter how intense the hinge is, opening your laptop with one hand can break it. 

Most users open their laptops from one side, which is convenient and can not do any damage. Wrong. This creates a habit of opening your computer from the corner by sliding your thumb on it. This can cause unnecessary pressure, which will lead to a broken hinge. 

Some users may not have noticed this since we open our laptops multiple times daily. This is why it is one of the most common reasons for broken hinges. 

How to prevent 

Now that we have discussed how hinge damage occurs, let’s discuss ways to prevent it. There are several ways to avoid damage to hinges. 

Open your laptop from the center. This will balance out the pressure on both hinges, preventing damage. 

Use your laptop on a flat surface at a proper height, so you don’t have to adjust your screen at an improper angle. 

Permanently close the laptop after using it. This prevents the hinges from getting stuck. 

Use a laptop bag. If your pack contains books and other objects, then it would be wise to get a laptop sleeve to prevent any damage to the screen or hinges. 

Check the laptop before closing it. You may forget small objects on your computer that will cause significant damage if left inside the laptop. It is common for users to forget things on their keyboard, so checking before closing your laptop is compulsory. 

How to repair broken hinges 

Laptop hinges can be repaired as it is easy to find replacements. However, finding a replacement might be challenging if you need to know which hinge would fit your laptop. 

If the hinges are inside your laptop, it may be a more significant risk as your laptop would have to be opened from the back, which can have potential risks. 

If you need clarification about the type of hinges to use or have to open up the back cover, it is advised to get a technician to repair it for you. This will eliminate the risk of any more potential damage to your device. 

Keep an eye on your laptop hinges, as they could cause a bigger catastrophe than you might think. 

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