Whether for work or streaming, we all deserve good quality speakers. Many laptops and computers provide some of the best features, but not all have the best speakers. For this reason, you will need good speakers. Of course, no one buys a computer solely for good speakers. 

We know it can be stressful looking for the right speakers. We have listed down some speakers that are worth every penny you pay. 

We have sorted out a list of the best computer speakers in different categories. Look through it and take your pick. 

Razer Nommo Pro


Razor has been associated with the word PC gaming considering all its award-winning gaming laptops. Soon enough, they came out with speakers!

The Nommo Pro is an excellent gaming set. It gives you top-tier sound quality and a wide soundstage, which provides a fantastic gaming experience. 

Along with its gorgeous build, the Razor Synapse app helps personalise it, whether it is EQ or RGB lightning pattern—the dial control makes volume adjustment and switching between audio sources very comfortable. 

However, the bass can get too strong when blasting high-level volume. Another problem is the price range, as not every gamer can afford it. 

 Airpulse A80


 Its sleek, clean design with unique touches form the signature A80 look. Airpulse A80 comes with multiple inputs, which allow you to connect with any audio source. You can also tweak sound via the volume, bass, and treble dials.

However, it does have a few flaws. As for the audio, the highs don’t merge well with mids, and the bass can sometimes be overly aggressive. One very noticeable flaw is the control remote, as it doesn’t function well at all. 

Regardless, the Airpulse A80 is a good deal for computer speakers in a medium price range. 



Firstly, the KEF LSX is one of the most beautiful speakers with its colour-matched fabric and high-gloss finish.

It has impressive sound quality with an impactful low end that favors bass-heavy genres; you can always change it in the EQ app through the control app. You can stream music through Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 while supporting Spotify Connect and Tidal.

The only downside of this speaker is the impracticable use of two apps. Streaming may also lag when playing tidal tracks.

Creative Pebble V3


As compact and small as they might look, they are much more impressive. These speakers have been upgraded to give louder sound, more input options, and a new mode that doubles the audio intensity. Pebble V3 has evident dialogue audio processing compared to most built-in speakers, which makes it a fantastic option for movie nights and streaming. 

It provides steady connectivity across all devices and wireless. However, we recommend you not to play music at total volume as it may produce some crackling. 

Other than that, for $40, this is an incredible offer. 

Factors to consider

You must know what you’re looking for when choosing the right computer speakers. The first factor to consider is whether you want wired or wireless. 

Wired provides better sound quality, but it can get overwhelming with all the wires, especially for small setups. These also require more space as compared to wireless. 

The most important thing to consider while buying speakers is to ensure they deliver deep bass, perfect vocals, and volume levels that are not a pain to listen to. 

Considering all these factors, you can then look for an attractive build. All the speakers mentioned in this list are a great build and have stunning designs. 

Once you get through all these factors, your list will be narrowed down enough to pick the right one. 


We hope this list was helpful. For any questions, contact us

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