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The latest iteration of Microsoft’s Operating system, Windows 11, has gained attention for its fresh and improved functionality. Windows 11 allows you to use a bunch of free apps, which are incredibly useful for basic computer users. These apps serve as conveniences in daily tasks and provide entertainment for users. Some free apps can be dangerous as they might collect personal data from your device. However, these apps are entirely safe for use and are tailored according to the needs of a basic computer user. Let us explore the top free Windows 11 Apps for basic computer users. 

Microsoft Edge 

Starting off our list is Microsoft Edge, a built-in web browser for Windows 11 which provides a fast and secure browsing experience. Users can enjoy Microsoft’s integrated services and access a wide range of extensions and smooth tab management. 

Microsoft Office Online 

Microsoft Office Online provides a suite of web-based applications comprising Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint for basic productivity tasks. These apps allow users to access and edit documents, presentations, notes, and spreadsheets without fully installing Office.


Notepad++ is a powerful text and code editor with syntax highlighting, a tabbed interface, a vast array of plugins, and multiple useful features. It supports various programming languages, making it ideal for taking notes, writing codes, and editing text files for both novices and expert programmers. 

Paint. Net

Paint.Net is a feature-rich software with a user-friendly interface. It allows photo and image editing according to the user’s basic needs. This app offers tools for cropping, resizing, adding filters, and more for effective photo editing. 

VLC Media Player 

VLC is a free, open-source media player that supports a wide range of video and audio formats. VLC allows you to play your audio and video files back to back, along with additional features such as subtitle support and customization options. These features make it popular among video creators and gamers. 


7-Zip serves as a powerful open-source file compression tool. It is lightweight and supports numerous formats, such as RAR, ZIP, and TAR. Its remarkable features and tools make it a fantastic app for managing and reducing file sizes. 


You won’t have to worry about losing files again, as OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage system, gives users a convenient way to back up their files from any device. This gives you access to 5GB of free storage data and allows you to sync your device across multiple devices. If you have a hard drive failure issue, contact here for data recovery .

Spotify is a music streaming application that offers limited free features for new users. As for premium users, the app allows more features, such as unlimited skips and more. This enables users to enjoy and stream music with smooth quality without interruptions. 

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a PDF reader for reading, printing, and viewing PDF files. It is very famous worldwide among readers. 


Discord is very popular among gamers as this app does not require any payment to create a server. In most cases, gamers have to rent servers with multiple voice channels and texts, which are limited, but Discord provides free servers with numerous voice channels. These features have made Discord a popular app among gamers and other individuals, making it easy for people to communicate with each other in real-time


Windows 11 offers a wide range of versatile apps, and these are only a few of the free apps. To download these apps, Microsoft Store is the best place as it allows you to search for apps in specific categories. Otherwise, you can also download free apps from popular websites such as File Hippo and CNET. We hope this blog has helped you find great apps that meet your needs. However, before downloading an app, be careful in reading its reviews to avoid malware apps.

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