At ASA, we specialise in liquid damaged computer repair. We are very reliant on our computers these days. An average computer user spends around 4-5 using a computer. A computer of choice is usually a laptop, which is lightweight, portable, and rechargeable. Laptops are used in various scenarios, like in an office, home, or classroom. They are carried and moved every single day. This portability comes at a price: vulnerability to damage. This damage can be in the form of dropping or tripping, stepping onto, or liquid damage.

Unfortunately, liquid damage is one of the worst damage to a portable device. Unlike a few laptops with a liquid-draining system, most laptops are built without one. That means if the liquid is accidentally spilled over the laptop, it can quickly seep into and damage the vital electronic components underneath the keyboard. These components include a hard drive, keyboard, touchpad, or the main board. A common myth is that the liquid-damaged laptop magically disappears if you put the liquid-damaged laptop in a rice bag. Rice grains can cause even more damage to the computer instead of doing any good.

Time is of the essence for any such damage, and the earlier a computer is brought to a computer shop, the more chance it can be revived. There is a high chance of repairing a liquid damaged computer if it is brought to our shop within a day with a 90% success rate. We have successfully repaired even those laptops that manufacturers could not fix.

If you are in such a situation, get started by calling us today. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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