Laptops are the computers of choice for several environments; schools, offices, and homes. Our laptops often suffer a lot of abuse, no matter how gentle we try to be. Sooner or later they get damaged and needs a laptop repairs specialist.

While most of laptop users think that only the manufacturers can do laptop repairs. A number of computer repair businesses like us have technical skills to handle any type of laptop repairs. We are based in Harrison and provide services to Canberra and surroundings. ASA Computer Repairs has specialist engineers who can repair any brand of laptops and our repairs come with a guarantee.

Laptop Services

    Our laptop repair service covers several aspects which includes

  • Maintenance and replacement of hardware
  • Software installation and Windows up-gradation
  • Broken hinges repair
  • Laptop servicing
  • Speed up slow laptops (3-4 times speed boost guaranteed)
  • Laptop Screen Repair Canberra

Maintenance and replacement of hardware

Technicians at ASA Computer Repairs are skilled at handling any type of repairs as they are fully trained with all major brands. We also carry out malware removal from laptops, soldering and circuit repairs, overheating and overclocking issues. While carrying out the laptop parts replacements, we dis-assemble the laptop for diagnosis and part identification. We then note down and order the exact part number and connector-type to the motherboard. This assures we order the right quality parts.

Software installation and Windows up-gradation

A very iportant aspect of a laptop is Windows update and upgrade. We regularly upgrade older Windows to latest Windows 10. The most important upgrade these days is Windows 7 to Windows 10. Microsoft has announced to stop sending Windows 7 updates soon which may leave your laptop open to a lot of vulnerabilities and viruses. We are running a special deal to upgrade your Windows 7 at a very special cost of $200. Give us a call today to make a booking.

Speed up slow laptops (3-4 times speed boost guaranteed)

One of the main laptop repairs which we perform quite regularly is Hard Disk Drive (HDD) replacement. Hard drives got a couple of mechanical componets which wears out with time. We replace Hard Disk Drive with Solid State Drive (SSD) while performing this type of laptop repairs. Solid State Drives are one of the best upgrades for the laptops which increases overall permformance and speed. In most of the circumstances speed increases 4-5 times which is a huge boost to overall performance. Give us a call today, if you do not want to invest in a brand new laptop and want to make use of your existing old laptop. We assure you won't be disappointed with the quality and performance without spending a fortune.

Broken hinges repair

Another very frequent repair which we perform regularly is hinges repair. Hinges attach your laptop screen to the body and are in action every time you open or close your laptop lid. They last for ever but laptop misuse can break the hinges resulting in damage to the body and inernals. This issue need to be looked at quickly otherwise can be beyond repairs. We specialise in hinge repair and have successfully repaired badly broken hinges as well. Give us a call today for a quick quote.

Laptop Repair

Our shop is fully stocked with the parts needed to the job. Our technicians are particularly skilled in the replacement of broken screens which is a common problem for most laptops. The importance of a good laptop screen cannot be overemphasized but their replacement can be a bit confusing due to the variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. With skilled technicians at ASA Computer Repairs, you have no reason to worry. We use only A+ replacement screens without dead pixels which in most cases provide better resolution then the existing screens. We provide 1 year warranty for all screen replacements for your complete satisfaction.

Give us a call on 0490502154 for a quick quote. Please keep the model number and serial number handy which is usually printed on a sticker at the bottom of your laptop. You can also get in touch through email on with the photo of the back sticker or through MMS and Whats App.

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