Data loss is a day to day challenge each and every one of us encounters. It is of utmost importance to knowing how to paddle your way out of the murky waters of data loss i.e. what to do when we do finally encounter the inevitable. Several persons store important files and information on their media devices, and these devices are always at risk of software or hardware damage which may lead to the loss of critical data from these devices.

In computing, information/data recovery is a procedure of rescuing inaccessible information from corrupt, dangerous or damaged storage devices, removable media or documents, when the information they contain can’t be gotten too quickly. The information is obtained from storage devices, for example, inner or outer hard drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), USB sticks, CDs, DVDs and other electronic gadgets. Also, Recovery might be required because of mechanical damage to the storage devices or logic damage to the document framework which keeps it from being mounted by the host operating system (OS).

The many data recovery situations include an operating system fault, glitch of a storage gadget, accidental harm or erasure, and so forth (commonly, on a single drive, single-partition, single-OS framework), in which case the objective is to duplicate every needed data to another drive. You need not rack your brain or try to understand the various methods to recovering your lost data as this can be efficiently carried out utilizing the computer fixing services at ASA Computer Repairs. ASA has highly experienced data recovery technicians capable of dealing with the most challenging and complex cases of recovering data.

At ASA Computer Repairs, distance is no issue as our technicians are trained in the modern remote access software which works over the internet, LAN or other connection to the physical location of the damaged drive.

Our technicians pass your media devices through the four phases of a successful data recovery.

We can recover data from a host of devices including internal or external Windows/Mac formatted hard drives, SSDs, RAID arrays, NAS drives and USB memory sticks. Our technicians are trained to handle these devices with absolute dexterity and care, ensuring that none of your files get lost.

Losing data can be a harrowing experience, and if you happen to live in Canberra, you don’t have to go through this experience as there’s a team of experts at ASA Computer Repairs to help with this.