Custom Built Computers

“Custom Built Computers” as the name suggests are the computers which are custom built according to the individual needs.

A desktop computer is a combination of various compnents assembled together to form a computer. These components includes

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU) or Processor
  • Mother Board or Main Board
  • Random Access Memory or RAM
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or Graphics Card
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU) or Power Supply
  • Storage, Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Casing

Each of these components needs to be carefully selected to meet individual needs and any wrong choice can reslult in the malfunction. Also assembling need an expertise which comes with experience.

Gaming Computers

Gaming Computer is a special type of custom built computer with high end components. Each game has its own requirement of the components to run the game smoothly.

Choosing right components for a gaming computer can be tricky when there are large number of manufacturers who manufacture various models of a the same component.

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